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Student Development

Our College aims to nurture our students to be reflective learners with a strong moral compass, confident leaders who inspire and lead by examples, as well as socially responsible and engaged citizens.  We have placed great emphasis on the character and leadership development of our students, to help them acquire competencies to be future ready to navigate in the complex world.

Our Student Development Programmes which include CCAs, Student Leadership Programme and Talent Development Programmes are integrated and holistic with thematic emphasis in the course of the year. We provide rich learning platforms and opportunities for students to be equipped with the knowledge, moral and civic values as well as skills to understand who they are and how they can become better.

As part of the holistic development of our students, we provide a diverse range of CCAs for students to be exposed to the different CCA activities to pursue their interest and passion, develop sound values and acquire relevant life skills such as problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

Our Student Leadership Programme provides a wide range of opportunities and authentic experiences for students to step up to become leaders of the future through their involvement in leadership positions and participation in various opportunities. Our Talent Development Programme is also specially conceptualised to equip our students to strive for excellence and develop their competencies such as critical thinking, communication and public speaking skills.

As part of our efforts to develop students, we have put in place our Student Well-Being Programme and recognition structure to support our students to grow and develop in a conducive environment.

Through the variety of learning activities within and beyond the classroom, we hope that students will experience being part of something larger than themselves and become cognisant of their roles and responsibilities in their families, and communities.

updated on 25 August 2021