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Character Education

In line with the SkillsFuture movement, we believe the importance of providing a comprehensive Educational and Career Guidance (ECG) experience for our students to help them make informed decisions about higher education and career choices, to motivate them to realize their aspirations and to equip them with relevant work skills to transit to the working world.  Our ECG programme comprises a wide range of university and career talks, symposiums and exhibitions to create awareness about the different educational and career pathways for students to help them discover their interests and talents.  In addition, students will also immerse in different educational and career experiences which include lessons on career skills, as well as internships and industrial attachment opportunities to help them to gain exposure to the real work environment and equip them with relevant skills to transit to working world.   

Through these experiences, we hope to develop our students to be self-directed and confident persons ready to take on challenges of the future.

Our Character Education programme serves to help students develop sound moral values, attain social-emotional competencies and mould them into purposeful individuals who are passionate about excelling in all that they do. Beyond strengthening their moral compass, our students will also learn to build mental resilience and develop skills that enhance positive relationship building and promote digital responsibility. These will equip them with the ability to make decisions with discernment as they navigate the increasingly complex technological and global landscape of today.

With the Civics Tutor as their coach and ‘GROW ME’ as a coaching and reflection framework, our Programme focuses on nurturing our students to be reflective and to identify clear personal goals. They will learn to develop a growth mindset to help them overcome setbacks and be equipped with social, emotional and life skills to achieve their goals. As young adults, students will also learn how to acquire strong interpersonal skills in order to establish meaningful relationships with others, and also strong intrapersonal skills to reflect and find one’s moral centre.

In order to better engage students, our CCE lessons adopt a variety of approaches such as personal narratives sharing, perspective-taking debates, as well as discussions on moral dilemmas and contemporary issues. All these serve to engage our students’ minds, inspire their hearts and equip them with the necessary skills, so that they are able to think critically and embark on an authentic and personally meaningful character growth journey.


CCE Lesson in Action

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updated on 23 August 2021