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JC1 Orientation 2023

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JC1 students who are posted to Tampines Meridian Junior College (TMJC) are required to report to TMJC in their Secondary School Uniforms by 7.30 am on 3 Feb 2023 (Friday).

More information about the Orientation Programme will be provided to the students on 3 Feb 2023.

Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2023

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Nominate your English Teacher (GP or Literature) for the Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2023.

 Nominations for the annual Inspiring Teacher of English awards 2023 is now opened!

We are looking for English teachers who:

·         exemplify the use of good spoken and written English

·         promote learning-focussed interaction during English lessons

·         choose pedagogies appropriate to learners’ readiness, interests and learning profiles

Nomination Process

Nomination forms can be downloaded from www.goodenglish.org.sg.  All students, parents of our students, and teachers are invited to send in your nominations to TMJC tmjc@moe.edu.sg  for this national award by 6pm on 27 March 2023.


Most Inspiring Tamil Teacher Award (MITT) 2023

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Nominations for the Most Inspiring Tamil Teacher Award (MITT) 2023 is now opened from 30 Jan 2023 to 10 April 2023.

The MITT Award is jointly presented by Tamil Murasu, Tamil Language Learning and Promotion Committee (TLLPC), and the Singapore Tamil Teachers’ Union (STTU).

The award is to recognise teachers who have made significant contributions to the teaching and learning of Tamil (TL).

Nominees should be:  

  • Teachers who nurture students’ interest in TL by using innovative methods to make lessons more interesting and engaging; and 
  • Dedicated and passionate teachers who demonstrate a keen interest in students’ well-being and inspire students to be self-directed and engaged learners.  

Nomination Process

Nominations can also be made online at https://go.gov.sg/mitt-tl-2023-tl and https://go.gov.sg/mitt-2023-form-el.

Do note that the online nomination closes on 10 April 2023.

Thank you.

TMJC Open House 2023


Friday, 13 January 2023, 1015 - 1600.

Experience the vibrant and dynamic culture of TMJC and catch a glimpse of the myriad opportunities for growth and development in the College.

Highlights of TMJC Open House 2023 include:

  • Subject Booths
  •  CCA Booths
  • Opening Ceremony
  • School Leaders Talk
  • CCA Showcases
  • College Tours

Check out our Open House website at https://tmjc-oh.squarespace.com/ for more details of the day’s programme. We look forward to seeing you! 

You may wish to refer here for more information on TMJC Admissions.

Nomination is now open for the President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) 2023

PAT honours the achievements of educators who demonstrate passion and commitment in teaching their students. Launched in 1998, it recognises excellent educators for their dedication and hard work in inspiring and nurturing our young.

If you would wish to express your appreciation for an excellent teacher in our College, you can submit a nomination here: 

Please note that nomination closes on 11 January 2023, Wednesday.

Thank you.

Nomination is now open for the Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) 2023

The OYEA is a national award that recognises and honours the achievements of young educators who have shown admirable passion for teaching, and commitment to inspiring and nurturing their students. Launched in 1999, it seeks to recognise excellent younger teachers for their youthful idealism, enthusiasm, energy and active involvement in the development of youth beyond the formal curriculum.

If you have a teacher in mind, you can submit a nomination here: 


Please note that nomination closes on
11 January 2023, Wednesday.

Thank you.

updated on 31 January 2023