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Overview of our Teaching & Learning

TMJC Teaching & Learning Framework

TL Framework.jpgThe TMJC Teaching and Learning (T&L) framework presents an overview of the key elements in the students’ learning experiences in the College. It is aligned to TMJC’s vision and mission of nurturing lifelong learners through rich learning experiences in a culture of innovation, empowerment and care. The framework articulates the fundamental guidelines for teachers as they design, deliver and evaluate their lessons.

This framework focusses on three components:
(A) Learner; (B) Learning; and (C) Environment, as represented in the diagram.

The T&L framework is represented in the form of a spiral, which symbolises the recognition of the process of learning as one that happens in a continuum – an engaging environment which facilitates the nurturing of learner dispositions that will in turn help in the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

(A) Learner

(B) Learning

(C) Environment

The Learner is at the heart of the framework. We believe that to be able to learn effectively, students need to cultivate the following dispositions:

1. Growth Mindset – believing in the possibility of changing, learning, and getting better over time.

2.    Resilience – pressing on even when things get tough, and knowing that obstacles can be overcome with persistence, help, creativity and purpose.

3. Positive Learning Relationships – managing the balance between learning with and from teachers and peers, as well as studying on their own.

It is essential for our students to acquire the skills of learning how to learn so that the learning of subject disciplines and the development of 21st Century Competencies become more effective.

Learning how to learn includes:

1. Meaning Making Through Connections – looking out for connections between what they are learning and what they already know, and making sense of new things in terms of their own experience.

2. Managing Own Learning – includes planning, monitoring and evaluating their own learning.

Teachers are key drivers in shaping a learner-centred environment which involves pedagogies that are engaging, and assessments that provide feedback to deepen learning.

At TMJC, we build this engaging learner-centred environment through using pedagogical practices unique to the mastery of different subject disciplines that can optimise learning based on learners’ readiness and progression. This not only enhances learning, it also provides opportunities for students to become effective learners through a culture of empowerment and care.

Cool Moves Award & Gallery

Innovation is in the DNA of TMJC. And in this spirit, the TMJC Cool Moves Award was inaugurated in 2019 to recognise staff innovation in teaching and learning.

Nominations are rigorously judged according to the College’s “Ice-Cube” innovation rubric which measures a project’s strengths in the areas of Innovation, Implementation and Impact (three ‘I’s). Each nomination is also advocated by a Teacher Leader who would confer with the project team to better understand their work, and make an independent assessment to the judging panel.

TMJC Cool Moves Gallery

 updated on 09 July 2021