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Character & Citizenship Programmes


In Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), students will learn to be responsible to self, family and community, and appreciate their roles in shaping the future of our nation.

CCE aims to inculcate values, build 21
st Century Competencies (CC) and develop social-emotional competencies in our students so that they can:

  • Make responsible decisions and choices amidst the complexity and ambiguity of the current global environment;
  • Be purposeful in the pursuit of their education, career and life goals;
  • Seek to understand and appreciate multiple perspectives;
  • Possess a growth mindset and be resilient and adaptable in the face of adversity;
  • Demonstrate social responsibility and make meaningful contributions to the community by leading through service;
  • Attain a broad perspective beyond the local context that equip them to be active members of the global community; and
  • Be proud Singaporeans, who are committed to building the future of Singapore and understand Singapore’s role in the world.

The key components of the CCE curriculum are as follows:

  • Character Education
  • Citizenship Education
  • Education and Career Guidance
  • Values in Action
  • Overseas Exposure

Beyond the dedicated curriculum, CCE is also featured in all aspects of College life such as the CCA, academic journey and student development domains as we adopt a whole school approach in nurturing in our students a good moral compass, and to be future-ready, engaged citizens.

updated on 23 August 2021