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Our Partners

At TMJC, we believe a student’s learning is shaped and influenced by many partners beyond his or her teachers. Through meaningful partnerships with parents, external institutions and vendors, coaches and the College Advisory Committee, to name a few, students will be exposed to a rich variety of learning opportunities and support both inside and outside the classroom. 

Parents, for example, play a pivotal role by guiding and supporting their child’s learning.  Professional coaches, external institutions and vendors, and opportunities in service to the community also provide avenues for our students to work with and help others, learn new skills, and build character. The College’s Advisory Committee brings together prominent members of society to provide sound stewardship of the college and support for students’ holistic growth. Together, we form that proverbial ‘village’ that will effectively nurture our youths to shine in a challenging world.

TMJC believes in establishing meaningful partnerships with our stakeholders so as to deepen our students’ learning, strengthen their character and extend their horizon. These partnerships support the successful implementation of our Total Curriculum that comprises our Instructional Programmes and Character & Citizenship Programmes, enabling the College to achieve the desired outcome for our students.

Our TMJC Partnership Framework


updated on 21 September 2021