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Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP)

Tampines Meridian Junior College is one of the three centres to offer the Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP). Started in 2001 in Tampines Junior College, MLEP aims to nurture the language talent of students who have the interest and inclination to study Malay language so that they can attain a higher level of proficiency and better understanding of Malay language, literature and culture. The two-year programme in Tampines Meridian Junior College prepares students to take H2 Malay Language and Literature. Apart from being taught to think and analyse critically about pertinent social issues, students are introduced to modern Malay literature as part of the H2 Malay Language and Literature syllabus.

What makes MLEP unique and distinctive is its wide array of cultural and literary enrichment activities that engage our MLEP students in meaningful and holistic learning experiences beyond the classroom. Many of these activities are experiential in nature and are developed to enhance language skills and interest in the learning of Malay language, literature and culture. Through activities such as annual literature camps, literature seminars and lectures, students are given the platform to interact with prolific literary figures, cultural activists as well community leaders who inspire students to give back to the society. Creative writing workshops polish students’ capability to pen their creative thoughts through short stories and poetry that would be published in the MLEP annual publication, Saujana Pujangga. Traditional Malay arts appreciation workshops such as traditional Malay dance and traditional drums workshops create opportunities for students to appreciate the finer aspects of Malay culture. Meanwhile, overseas immersion programme develops students’ global outlook and widen their perspectives about socio-cultural issues that affect the Malay-speaking communities within the Southeast Asian region. 

Through these authentic learning experiences, the College aims to cultivate Malay scholars whom are not just equipped with 21st century skills but also individuals who have a strong sense of cultural identity and can contribute actively to the needs of our community.

updated on 16 January 2019