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At Tampines Meridian Junior College, we nurture every student to realize his/her potential in Mathematics. Teachers employ a wide range of pedagogies in classrooms and small group lectures. Approaches include productive failure, assessment for learning, and teaching for understanding. Students develop thinking, reasoning, communication and modelling skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving. The syllabus also provides learning experiences for students to appreciate the value of mathematics in life and develop the joy of learning. 

We offer Mathematics at H1, H2 and H3 levels, as well as H2 Further Mathematics. H1 Mathematics, as a contrasting subject, provides students with a foundation in mathematics and statistics that will support their business or social science studies at the university. H2 Mathematics is designed to prepare students for a range of university courses, such as mathematics, sciences, engineering and computing, where good foundation in mathematics is required.

H2 Further Mathematics, to be taken with H2 Mathematics, is designed for students who are mathematically-inclined and who wish to deepen their knowledge of mathematics and its applications. H3 Mathematics provides high ability students with an insight into the practice of a mathematician. Students develop competencies through proving mathematical results and solving non-routine problems.

We organise enrichment activities every year to bring students outside the confines of traditional classroom learning and to make their learning of Mathematics more enjoyable. These enrichment activities include:

• Mathematics Awareness Fortnight
• Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
• Australian Mathematics Competition
• Fastest Fingers Graphing Calculator Competition
• Designing with Graphing Calculator Competition

updated on 16 January 2019