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Our College Anthem

In March 2019, a group of teachers got together to compose TMJC’s college anthem. To find the voice to express the college’s unique identity, the team sought inputs from both staff and students, while also drawing inspiration from the anthems of both parent colleges.

 The anthem would sing of TMJC as place of learning and growth, where the story of each student’s personal discovery and achievement is told, where keen learners also serve with compassion and lead with honour. 

 Joel Nah, a professional musician and composer, and an alumnus of TPJC, came on board the anthem team to blend the lyrics seamlessly with the melody he composed. Under his musical direction, the anthem was completed, recorded and presented to the staff and students on 11 October at the JC2 Awards and Farewell Assembly and subsequently during the JC1 final assembly on 25 October. 


“Hearts and Minds Inspired”

We learn, we serve
Let knowledge guide our paths to grow.
We lead, we shine,
We’ll scale new heights our futures bold.

The world is ever changing
No challenge is too big,
With courage and resilience,
With honour we’ll succeed.
Driven in our learning,
Guided by compassion,
With integrity we boldly light the way.

We are Tampines Meridian,
United in one voice,
Unshaken in adversity
Our heads held high.
Our hearts and minds inspired,
Together as we grow.
We’re Tampines Meridian!
Our stories will be told.

updated on  03 January 2020