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Term 3

Teachers’ Day Celebration 2022

Teachers’ Day came early for TMJC on 26
th August as we celebrated together as a College. This year’s theme, The Good Old Days, not only serves as a homage to our teachers and their youthful spirit, but also aptly describes our students’ school days that have been made more wonderful because of our teachers.

Comprising two key segments, “Good morning, Class!” and “Thank you, Teacher!”, the celebration was thoughtfully planned with the hope that the collective experience shared that day would be remembered fondly by both teachers and students alike.

“Good morning, Class!” - Cohort Celebration felt even more special this year after a two year hiatus. It included heartfelt performances put up by our talented students, our very own teacher Mr Wong Hoe Sing, and exciting games that kept everyone on their toes. The Teachers versus Students Dance Battle was certainly the highlight of this segment!

“Thank you, Teacher!” – Civics Group (CG) Activities was a time for the CGs and our teachers to bond over competitive games and a timely opportunity for students to show their appreciation to their tutors in meaningful ways.

Our celebration ended on a high note, with our Principal, Ms Yoong, and Vice-Principals, Mrs Pang, Mr Ang and Mr Tan, displaying their acting chops and gamely putting up a surprise performance. Indeed, it was a heart-warming and fun-filled morning that would be fondly remembered as part of our
good old days.

As our students thanked their tutors for putting in the heart work into developing them on this special day, they also seized the opportunity to express their sincere gratitude to our non-teaching staff. They are our unsung heroes who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make TMJC a more conducive second home for learning.

A big thank you to all teachers and non-teaching staff! Happy Teachers’ Day!


Social Mixing Initiative: TMJC MLEP & Poi Ching School

On 25 August, our TMJC Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP) hosted students from Poi Ching School for a unique social mixing initiative.

Our TMJC MLEP students took on the mantle of Cultural Ambassadors to share about the unique heritage and practices of the
tanjak, a Malay head apparel. The student-facilitated programme included sharing, quizzes, and a hands-on activity on the folding of the tanjak.

Social mixing aims to deepen students’ understanding of and sensitivity to other cultures. On top of providing opportunities for interactions between our students and peers of other races, the programme aims to allow students to interact with people from different segments of our community, and for this programme, our MLEP students were
kakak (big sisters) and abang (big brothers) to the mei-mei (younger sisters) and di-di (younger brothers) from Poi Ching School.


Singapore Mathematical Society Essay Competition

This year, 3 TMJCians participated in the 2022 Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) Essay Competition
organised by the Singapore Mathematical Society.

We are pleased to share that our students JORDON YEE (22S101), EUGENE LEE KANG RUI (22S101) and DAVID LAUW KWAI YONG (22S101) have achieved Honourable Mention for their essay.

The Competition aims to expose students to various topics that are related to mathematics (such topics could be related to the history, application, or other aspects of mathematics) and to encourage articulation of mathematics through the exposition on these subjects.

The competition theme for this year is on Mathematics and Environmental Sustainability, and our students’ essay titled “The Mathematics of Predicting Global Temperatures in 2050” used real life data to construct Mathematical Models using Best-Fit lines, Numerical Methods for approximations and Recurrence Relations to predict global temperature in the future.

Our heartiest congratulations to our TMJCians!


Malay Language Elective Scholarship (MLES) 2022

The MLES is offered to all five Malay Language Elective Programme centres in Singapore, which include, Raffles Institution, Yishun Innova Junior College, Jurong Pioneer Junior College, and National Junior College. Recipients of the scholarship have successfully gone through two rounds of the selection process, which included an interview session with panelists.

The College would like to congratulate that three of our MLEP students have received the Malay Language Elective Scholarship. They are:




Congratulations to our MLEP scholars!


Singapore Mathematics Olympiad 2022

On 2 June 2022, 83 students participated in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO). SMO is an annual
mathematics competition organised by the Singapore Mathematical Society to test the ingenuity and mathematical problem-solving ability of the participants, and to discover and encourage mathematical talents in schools in Singapore.

We are pleased to share that our TMJCians have achieved 2 Bronze and 4 Honourable Mention for the Open Section.

Bronze Award:



Honourable Mention:





Our heartiest congratulations to all awardees!


Prime Minister’s Book Prize 2022

Established in 1974, the Prime Minister’s Book Prize (PMBP) is an annual award for bilingualism given to primary, secondary, and pre-university students.

We are very happy that our alumnus from the Class of 2021, Nurul Iman Bte Othman (20A301)  is one of the 11 pre-university recipients of the PMBP this year.

The PMBP was presented by Second Minister for Education Dr Maliki Osman at this year's Special Awards Presentation Ceremony on 29 August 2022 at the National University of Singapore's University Cultural Centre.

Congratulations Nurul Iman!


CCCS-ESS Essay Competition 2022

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore launched the 5th run of the essay competition this year, co-organised with the Economic Society of Singapore (ESS).

This year’s topic “Environmental Sustainability: The role of competition and consumer protection laws and policies” highlighted environmental sustainability as one of the most important priorities facing many economies today and invited contestants to examine the role of competition and consumer protection laws and policies in supporting environmental sustainability in Singapore.

We are proud to share that Caius Or Shin Yi (21A101) won the 1st Prize for the School Category!

You may read Caius’ essay and find out more about the competition here:

Congratulations, Caius!


GIC-MOE Last Reserve Game Competition 2022

A group of JC1 Economics students represented TMJC in the GIC-MOE Last Reserve Game Competition.
Our TMJCians managed to unlock all 4 badges in the game, earning themselves a Tote Bag containing limited-edition game badge stickers and a t-shirt.

We are also proud to share that Lim Yong Le from 22S201 earned the 3rd Highest Game Score in the  Junior College and Centralised Institute Category!

Congratulations to all!


Ministry of Finance Budget Quiz 2022

Our JC2 Cohort participated in the Budget Quiz conducted by the Ministry of Finance at the beginning of the year.

We are proud to share that TMJC emerged Second Runner-Up in Junior College and Centralised Institute Category, earning the College a Challenge Trophy, as well as a copy of Professor Terence Ho Wai Luen’s book, ‘Refreshing the Singapore System’.


The Singapore Police Force Scholarship and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Scholarships Award Ceremony 2022

On 18 Aug, our alumnus, Lim Jing Heng (Class of 2016) received the Ministry of Home Affairs (Central Narcotics Bureau) Scholarship from Minister Shanmugam at The Istana.

The MHA Scholarships comprise both uniformed and civilian scholarships and are awarded to outstanding individuals who share the MHA values of Honour and Unity, and are passionate about the mission to keep Singapore safe and secure as uniform or civilian officers.

MHA scholars will pursue studies in various disciplines at prestigious universities locally and overseas and will be supported in their personal and professional growth.

Congratulations, Jing Heng! We are proud of your achievement and wish you all the best in your chosen field!


Mid-Term Treat by Ms Yoong

On 11 August, our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong, gave our TMJC staff a delightful treat of donuts, vadai and green bean soup. It was a sweet gesture from her to thank the staff for their commitment, dedication, love, and effort in giving their best for the students.

Thank you, Ms Yoong for this wonderful mid-term treat!


Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) 2022

The Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) 2022 Ceremony was held in person on 16 August 2022 for the first time after two virtual editions, with Minister for Education, Mr Chan Chun Sing, as the Guest-of-Honour.

Launched 10 years ago in 2012, the SgIS aims to nurture a core of Singaporean industry leaders to steer the development of the country’s key strategic industries. To date, it is the only scholarship offered in partnership between the Government and local industries.

SgIS is indeed one of the choice scholarships in Singapore with the current 79 Sponsoring Organisations (SOs) coming from 14 key sectors, including biomedical and pharmaceuticals, electronics, engineering, lifestyle and food, and social services. Since its inception, the SgIS has awarded scholarships to 1,272 recipients.

TMJC is proud to share that we have 12 recipients of SgIS this year:


Name of Awardee

Scholarship Scheme


Ang Min Zhi Jerome

SgIS Mid-Term


Brijesh M Shah

SgIS Mid-Term


Fermin Loh

SgIS Mid-Term


Kim Jaedeok

SgIS Mid-Term


Lim Yu Le

SgIS Mid-Term


Neo Sha Min Bin Adam Shan Neo

SgIS Mid-Term


Ooi Yu Yang

SgIS Full-Term


Sean Lim Jing Heng

SgIS Full-Term


Teo Boon Hong

SgIS Mid-Term


Tiang Zhang Quan Xavier

SgIS Mid-Term


Viasar Malavar

SgIS Mid-Term


Wee Jun Lin

SgIS Mid-Term

Congratulations to all recipients!


Photo Acknowledgment: Taken from Minister Chan Chun Sing’s Facebook

National Day cum TM Celebrates! 2022

On 8 August, TMJC celebrated her 4th birthday alongside Singapore's 57th! To mark this special day, the College put together a unique programme that was engaging and meaningful under the twin themes “Stronger Together, Majulah!” and “Be Better Together, United As ONE.”

After the special National Day Observance Ceremony that included the band playing the National Anthem live for the first time and presentation of the National Day Awards that recognise our teachers’ contributions to the nation, our
Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong unveiled Singapore’s largest Contact Lens Blisters mosaic, a highlight that entered into the Singapore Book of Records. After that, students participated in a variety of exciting interhouse classroom and outdoor games organised by the various CCAs. This was followed by the cohort breakfast CG bonding segment that featured a sumptuous menu of traditional breakfast items.

The event ended on a high with the launch and officiation of TM Cove by Ms Yoong - a communal space for students to recharge and connect with their friends. What a way to end off our combined celebrations!

Happy 57
th Birthday Singapore! And Happy 4th Birthday TMJC!

Do check out the feature on our College by Mediacorp News here:


Fastest Fingers Graphing Calculator Competition (FFGCC) 2022

The 2022 inter-school Fastest Fingers Graphing Calculator Competition (FFGCC) is organised by TMJC and proudly sponsored by Texas Instruments. This year, 65 participants from 12 schools battled their way for a spot in the finals that was held on 3
rd August 2022. Five schools (ACJC, DHS, NYJC, RI and TMJC) made it to the finals and we are proud to announce that the team from TMJC (comprising Nguyen Anh Duc from 21S101, Lee Hao from 21S101, Marcus Tan from 21S203 and Paulyne Santos Anthony from 21S203) came in 5th after putting up a tough fight.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition was held completely online in 2021. This year, with the easing of some safe management measures, we used a hybrid model in which participants joined us face-to-face while the audience and supporters watched a live broadcast.

The Organising Committee have employed various ICT platforms to support this new format of the competition, without compromising the learning and integrity of competition. It received positive feedback from teachers and participants, and the event was a great success.

Well done Team TMJC for the strong performance!

Inquisitron 2022 - NUS Chemical Engineering Challenge

During the June Holidays, 8 Chemistry students represented the College at the NUS Chemical Engineering Challenge, titled ‘Inquisitron 2022’. The 2-day event involved participants solving team-based problems and individual quizzes, as well as hands-on work in the NUS Chemical Engineering Labs.

We are proud to share that our two groups were awarded in recognition of their enthusiastic efforts.

For the Certificate of Participation, it was presented to the team comprising:
LIM ZHI EN (22S101)
WONG ZI QI (22S303)

We are also proud to share that one of our teams clinched fourth place with a Certificate of Merit, as well as the "Best Research Paper" award. Team comprising:
GAN JIAYI (22S203)

The team received a cash prize of $200 and they will be contributing part of it towards the College funds for needy students in TMJC.

Congratulations to all participants, and the College is proud of your achievements!


MOE Teaching Scholarship Presentation Ceremony 2022

The MOE Teaching Scholarship Presentation Ceremony 2022 was held on 4 August 2022 at Orchard Hotel, in the presence of Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister of Education, as the Guest of Honour. The MOE Teaching Scholarship and MOE Teaching Award are offered to candidates with a strong passion for education and teaching.

We are pleased to share that 3 of our alumni have received the MOE Teaching Scholarship / Award at this year’s ceremony.

Kwok Kar Hou Mathew (15A202) is a recipient of the MOE Teaching Scholarship, while Kenneth Koh Chee Hong (16S204) and Nur Hidayah Binte Hamidi (17A301) are recipients of the MOE Teaching Award.

Our heartiest congratulations to them! We wish you all the best as you embark on a fulfilling career in the teaching profession.


L.O.V.E.3 Week

L.O.V.E.3 Week 2022, which stands for
Living Our Values Every Day, Everywhere, with Everyone, took place this year from 25th to 29th July. L.O.V.E.3 Week is a week dedicated to celebrating the values that we believe in as an individual and as a TMJC family. Over the week, we aim to inspire students to live out our College values and allow them to develop strong moral reasoning capabilities through the discussion of moral dilemmas through a series of activities.

The series of activities comprise of video interviews featuring members of the TMJC family and how they lived out our College values amidst the challenges, daily moral dilemma polls on Instagram to allow TMJC students to take a vote on their course of action, and a CCE lesson featuring different moral dilemmas for both JC1 and JC2 students. To encourage student voice, the JC1 students were also involved in a Video Competition, where each JC1 CG submitted a short 1-minute video, sharing about how they have been inspired by others who lived out admirable values.

We were encouraged by the active participation in the daily moral dilemma instagram polls, as well as the creative entries submitted for the JC1 Video Competition, as TMJC students reflected on what our College values mean to them. In particular, the students were especially engaged in the CCE lesson, as they were introduced to different moral reasoning frameworks, took a poll on their course of action and engaged in tag-team debates with their peers. Through these activities, our students developed stronger self-awareness of the moral reasoning framework they tend to adopt and built empathy as they learnt to take on multiple perspectives.

Most importantly, these discussions on moral dilemmas allowed our students to reflect on the ethical dimensions and implications of their choices, highlighting the importance of developing a strong moral compass.


Defence Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2022

The SAF Merit Scholarship aims to recruit top students, who have demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding leadership qualities, to join the Defence sector.

We are pleased to share that Ivan Hoo Tian Yee from 16S201 is one of the 19 recipients this year who have been presented the SAF Merit Scholarship at the Defence Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2022, which was held on 29 July 2022 at the Istana.

Ivan is currently in the midst of his Air Force Pilot training course. He will be leaving for his studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2023, where he will be pursuing a degree in International Relations. Upon his graduation, he will then assume a variety of challenging appointments that will groom him for senior command and leadership positions in MINDEF and the SAF.

Congratulations, Ivan! We are proud of your achievement and we wish you all the best in your chosen field!


Racial Harmony Day (RHD) Commemoration

TMJC’s Racial Harmony Day (RHD) Commemoration this year spanned across several days from 19 to 22 July with the theme ‘Preserving Harmony in Singapore’s Multicultural Mosaic.’ The 2-part commemoration sought to help students navigate Singapore’s evolving multiculturalism.

On 21 July, which is the actual day of commemoration, the College had the honour of hosting Second Minister for Education and Foreign Affairs, Dr. Maliki Osman as our Guest-of-Honour to join some of our classes for the commemoration activities.

Firstly, students went through an in-house Citizenship Education (CE) Committee-facilitated RHD Interactive Gallery in the College Library. The Gallery featured personal stories of our TMJC teachers who lived through the turbulent 1960s. Our students also had the opportunity to deepen their personal conviction toward safeguarding Singapore’s fragile racial harmony. They were engaged digitally in an immersive independent Virtual Reality decision-making experience that featured reenactments of racist episodes that have made the news.

Secondly, to promote student agency, our CG Chairpersons and Peer Support Leaders of the various classes facilitated discussions on Singapore’s race relations. The student-led discussions offered the participants varying perspectives and insights, as they respond to the questions and prompts that their CG had surfaced to the Tampines Meridian Student Council during the June holidays.

Through these meaningful activities, we hope that our TMJC students will develop a renewed sense of purpose to protect Singapore’s multicultural harmony.


Student Leaders' Investiture 2022

The Student Leaders’ Investiture is a significant ceremony held annually to recognise our newly elected JC1 Student Leaders, comprising CG Leaders (CG Chairpersons and Peer Support Leaders), CCA Leaders, and the Tampines Meridian Student Council (TMSC). The Investiture for the Class of 2023 took place on 20 July 2022, officially marking the start of their term in office.

The theme for this year’s Investiture was
“Astron”, which means “star” in Greek. It was chosen to be a reminder for all the Student Leaders that just as how stars provide guidance and light, the student leaders should similarly strive to be the “stars” – the role models – that guide and create meaningful experiences for their peers throughout their journey in TMJC.

The ceremony began with the highly anticipated Student Leaders’ Walk-in, where the CCA leaders showcased their talents as they walked in, identifying themselves as each unique CCA group, while the CG Leaders and TMSC walked in according to their respective Houses, symbolising the strong House Spirit of TMJC. They warmly greeted with supportive cheers and applause from their peers and teachers.
Our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong, addressed the student leaders and shared inspiring words to encourage them on their leadership journey. Following that, the President of the 4th Tampines Meridian Student Council, El’yez Mu’raif (21A301), addressed the cohort of JC1 students and reflected on his journey as a Student Leader. The Badge Presentation Ceremony, which followed, was an important part of the Investiture, as student representatives were presented a badge by our Principal to identify themselves as Student Leaders and to officially mark the start of their leadership journey. In concluding the Investiture, our newly elected President of the 5th TMSC, Gerrard Poh (22S203), addressed the cohort and subsequently led all our TMJC Student Leaders in reciting the Leaders’ Oath.

It was truly a momentous occasion witnessing the installation of the incoming batch of Student Leaders. We congratulate them once again and wish them a fruitful and meaningful leadership journey in TMJC!


JC2 Higher Education Fest

As the COVID-19 situation takes a turn for the better and continues to do so, TMJC is finally able to invite our long term partners, the 6 local Autonomous Universities, down to the College for a sharing with our JC2 students.

The JC2 Higher Education Fest took place across two weeks in July as NUS, NTU, SIT, SMU, SUSS, and SUTD gave brief introductions of themselves and talked about the exciting courses they offer to our students.

Our JC2s were also given the opportunity to interact with the university representatives who set up booths after their sharing to address queries from our students.

The College is grateful to the universities for their enthusiastic participation in our event and we hope that this event was able to motivate some of the students to work towards their goals as they enter the last phase of their preparation for the upcoming A-Level Examinations.


TMJC x MOE President’s Challenge Heart Train Campaign 2022

As part of TMJC’s effort in giving back to our community, our staff welfare committee came together to organise a series of fundraising activities for staff to do our little part for the MOE President’s Challenge Heart Train Campaign 2022.

One of the highlights included a breakfast session on 6 July 2022 where staff took a little break away from the Mid-Year Examination marking frenzy. Staff ordered Prata breakfast sets where proceeds from the sales were donated to the President’s Challenge Heart Train Campaign. It was great to see staff from different departments coming together, catching up over prata and conversations!

In addition, our staff also purchased DIY Bear Keychains kits to enjoy some family bonding time in creating their own unique keychains!


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