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Term 2

Student Leaders Retreat

In collaboration with Youth Inspired Consulting, TMJC's Student Leaders Retreat 2021 took place on 7 and 8 June 2021. In adherence to the Safe Management Measures, the Retreat was conducted over a virtual platform. During the Retreat, our newly elected JC1 student leaders were coached on the fundamentals of the 5 leadership practices in The Leadership Challenge as well as useful skills to carry out their duties and be more effective leaders. This was done through a series of exciting online experiential activities, such as online escape rooms and structured experiences, where they were constantly challenged to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and apply the 5 leadership practices. Through these activities, strong bonds and trust were built as a TMJC student leaders' community. Additionally, our student leaders engaged meaningfully in thought-provoking debates and authentic discussions in small breakout rooms. With the guidance from the facilitators from Youth Inspired Consulting and TMJC teachers, they crafted the vision and action plan for their respective teams.

With a good foundation in the 5 leadership practices and strong support within the student leaders' community, our JC1 student leaders are now ready to take up the baton from their seniors and lead their peers confidently.  We wish them all the best in their leadership term!


Staff Learning Symposium 2021

On 25 June, our teachers gathered online for our annual Staff Learning Symposium on a virtual platform. The Symposium continued the journey of our teachers in deepening our knowledge on Assessment for Learning practices, through tapping on the use of Chapter 4 in the book, Never Work Harder than Your Students by Robyn R. Jackson. In small breakout groups, our teachers delved into engaging discussions regarding how to proactively put in place support systems for learning in specific topics for their respective subjects.

In addition, our Economics and Mathematics Departments shared their department projects that they have embarked on for the year, which gave much food for thought for the rest of our teachers.

All in all, our teachers had a fruitful morning of collaborative professional development!

Election of Student Leaders

Just as how when one wave recedes, another rises to take its place, leadership renewal is an important and ongoing process in any organisation.

Here at TMJC, we spent the past two months electing new student leaders to reinvigorate the Student Leadership body as part of our ongoing succession plan and leadership training.  The College holds the firm belief that every student has the potential to be a leader. Thus, every JC1 student is encouraged to take up the myriad of leadership opportunities available and embark on a journey of growth with support from teachers and peers.

Those who stepped out of their comfort zones to become a student leader experienced a rigorous, fair and transparent selection process. Be it Civics Group Leaders, CCA Leaders or Student Councillors, each potential student leader went through interviews, campaigned for support, and voting by their peers. Peer Support Leaders also went through a nomination and interview process before being elected. This was to ensure that the fresh batch of leaders are capable and ready to take on their roles.

We wish the newly elected student leaders of TMJC a meaningful and fruitful leadership experience as they lead and serve in their new role!


ASEAN Plus Summit 2021

Organised by the International and Strategic Affairs Council (ISAC) and Dunman High School, the ASEAN Plus Summit 2021, held from 2 to 4 June 2021, is a simulation conference with a unique focus on ASEAN. Participants take on the roles of diplomatic leaders, and are given the platform to engage in meaningful and intellectually-stimulating debates on pertinent regional and global affairs.

TMJC sent eight delegates, and we are heartened that our J2 History student, Mohammad Danial Lutfi Bin Mohammad Suhaini (20A201) received a Honorable Mention for his contributions.  We are proud of all our delegates for putting their best foot forward in their research and during the debates. We hope all of our delegates have gone away with a fruitful experience and an enhanced knowledge of ASEAN!

TMJC’s Delegates:

Tham Jia Yi (20S501), Ho Chee Choun (20S501), Mohammad Danial Lutfi Bin Mohammad Suhaini (20A201), Nugraprana Laksmana (20S501), Pearlene Chua Pei Ling (20A302), Alison Tay Xian Ling (20A101), Lim Ka Yin Nicole (20A101), Derick Tay Wei Xian (20S412)


Humanities Alive! 2021

Humanities Alive! is a series of Humanities-based enrichment activities organised by TMJC’s Humanities Department over the month of May. The theme for this inaugural year’s Humanities Alive! is “Crisis”. The objectives of Humanities Alive! are: to raise the awareness of the importance of Humanities, cultivate and develop passion for the Humanities, and allow students to learn more about themselves through the Humanities lens and what they can do to create a better world.


The series of enrichment activities comprise an instagram competition to allow TMJC students to share their perspectives and experiences of what ‘Crisis’ meant to them, a Speaker and Workshop series where distinguished guests were invited to share with students on various topics, original games crafted by J2 Humanities student volunteers meant to enable participants to appreciate the disciplines better, and creative expression sharings by our Literature studentsIn particular, the Speaker and Workshop Series, were of special mention. Our students had the privilege to engage with the following via virtual sessions on two separate days: Dr Victor R Savage, Adjunct Senior Fellow of S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies who shared about creating sustainability in the midst of crisis, focusing on the issue of COVID-19 pandemic; Dr Mustafa Izzuddin, Adjunct Senior Lecturer of National University of Singapore, also an alumni of our parent college TPJC, who provided insights into why ASEAN matters to South East Asia; celebrated Singapore writers Haresh Sharma, Alvin Pang, Marc Nair, and Akshita Nanda who shared about the different genres.

We are proud of the 45 student organisers and volunteers from 18 classes, who stepped up despite some not having leadership experiences, to lead in TMJC’s inaugural Humanities Alive! They were superb in adapting to ensure that the activities were carried out adhering to safe management requirements that evolved over the month of May when Humanities Alive! was carried out. We also thank the speakers who shared enthusiastically with the students and the Student Organising Committee and volunteers for leading the activities to make the event a meaningful and memorable one.


Envisioning together with our TMJC Alumni!

On 10 April 2021, TMJC held its first virtual Alumni Envisioning meeting with 28 alumni who are ever so passionate and eager to serve the College.

During the session, the alumni came together to envision how a strong College-Alumni partnership looks like, as well as its purpose. They also kick-started their discussions on three new alumni initiatives this year.

The first initiative is led by Ng Jing Wen Amelia (18A301) and Clarinda Ong Kye Syin (18S211), where they plan to show the alumni's appreciation to their teachers for all their heart work and effort in guiding and supporting them throughout their A Level journey.

The second initiative is led by Teo Jun Rui Jonathan (18S201), where he plans to show their alumni and current students' appreciation to the non-teaching staff in the College for all their hard work and dedication in working tirelessly behind the scenes to make TMJC a more conducive environment for learning.

The third initiative is led by Heng Jee Xuen (19A301) and Medenilla Athena Joelle Saura (18S310), where they plan to show the alumni's support for their juniors as they understand how important it is to have a strong support system as students prepare for the A Levels.

Thank you alumni for having the heart and taking the initiative to serve the College even after you have graduated. A special shout-out to all TMJC alumni/students, do support these alumni initiatives and play your part in one way or another too. Do stay tuned for more updates about their meaningful alumni initiatives!


Parents Engagement Talk - What is General Paper & Project Work?

On the evening of 25th May 2021, the College organised a Parents Engagement Talk, “What is General Paper & Project Work?”. The session aimed to allow parents of our students to have better clarity and understanding of these new subjects their children are sitting for at the  GCE A-Level Examinations.

The session had Mdm Aslindah, Head of the English Department, and Ms Tang Jie Ting, Subject Head for Project Work, sharing more about General Paper and Project Work respectively. The demands and requirements of the two subjects, scope of assessments, and strategies parents could adopt in supporting their child through their journey with these subjects were shared.

The turnout was very encouraging, and we thank all parents for joining us. The College hopes to continue forging stronger partnerships with parents through future events.


ODAC Earth Week 2021

Ever since the United Nations designated 22nd April as Earth Day in 1970, Earth Day has become widely recognised as the largest civic movement in the world! To commemorate Earth Day 2021, TMJC ODAC organised Earth Week 2021 – A Values In Action (VIA) project aimed at spreading the awareness of the impacts of climate change and strategies the College can adopt for mitigation.


The commemoration consisted of three parts, of which the first two were a collaboration between ODAC and the Citizenship Education Committee. First, the students delivered an informative and compelling presentation to the College on the need for climate action which was followed by an inter-civics group quiz. The second was a college-wide recycling drive where civics groups contributed used pens and electronic waste for recycling. With the active participation of TMJC students, ODAC managed to collect 673 used pens which will be recycled or donated to needy students via ‘Save That Pen’, an organisation that aims to recycle pens to reduce plastic waste in Singapore.


Finally, the project culminated in an upcycling activity where 26 other CCAs in TMJC participated by painting on square pieces of cloth which were eventually stitched together into a banner as a symbol of solidarity towards environmental conservation. While the main design was sketched by the ODAC students, each participating CCA also had the opportunity to design their own tile. The banner was presented to the school and will be hung up as a constant reminder for all of us to play a part in saving the only Earth we have!


TMJC Hari Raya Celebrations 2021

To celebrate this joyous occasion, our College organised a two-part programme. The first part was an online assembly programme on the 11th and 12th May 2021, for the JC1 and JC2 respectively. The opening segment featured an impressive Silat and Kompang performance by our own Malay Language Elective Programme students. Following this was an educational video, ‘Hari Raya Myths Busted!’ by our Citizenship Education Student Ambassadors on some of the misconceptions that the public has on the meaning of Hari Raya and the fasting month of Ramadan. This video addressed existing assumptions such as relating Hari Raya to the new year in the Islamic calendar and the assumption that Muslims can drink water during the fasting month. The online programme ended with a video collage of meaningful Hari Raya greetings by our staff and students to all Muslims in TMJC!

The second part was held on the 18th of May where the College provided a Hari Raya Lunch Bento Set for all our Muslim students. The students enjoyed their scrumptious meals, keeping to safe distancing measures, at our  Heritage Gallery.

The College would like to take this opportunity to wish a safe ‘Selamat Hari Raya!’. 


1st Virtual Parent Support Group Engagement Session

On the evening of 7th May, the College held its first Virtual Parent Support Group (PSG) Engagement meeting through Zoom.

The session saw an opportunity to share about the TMJC Partnership Framework, to understand the profile of the PSG members to understand their needs, capabilities, and willingness to contribute.

It was a fruitful engagement session where PSG members brainstormed several initiatives during the Breakout Session and kicked-started some of them with the establishment of two Working Groups.

To showcase our College’s sincere hospitality and to cherish the PSG’s active participation, we prepared a “Welcome On-Board Care Pack”. The students will deliver the snack pack to their parents, symbolising this partnership between the College, the parents, and their child.


10th International Biomedical Quiz

 7 April 2021, 8 of our JC2 students participated in the 10th International Biomedical Quiz (IBQ). IBQ is an annual event which aims to provide a platform for students across the world to develop their aptitude and potential in the biomedical disciplines through independent work and applying critical thinking to solve authentic medical challenges.

We are pleased to share that we have attained 2 Bronze Awards, 1 Merit Award and 1 Honorable Mention. The student awardees are as follows:

Name of Student CG Award
GERALD NG 20S301 Bronze Award
WONG CHIN JIE 20S301 Bronze Award
 AAKASH SANJAY MEHTA  20S101  Merit Award
 JOASH GOH ZHI HENG  20S301  Honorable Award

Our heartiest congratulations to all student awardees!

ARTery - TMJC Arts Webinar 2021

On Wednesday, the 5
th of May, the Department of Arts and Aesthetics organised ARTery 2021, a webinar-style programme created to enrich students’ exposure and understanding of the Arts. The programme explored how the Arts can interact, influence, and inform the larger society and community through critical discussion.

The programme was targeted to Upper Secondary students from our E1 Cluster Schools and we were excited to be virtual hosts to students from Hai Sing Catholic School, Loyang View Secondary School, and Meridian Secondary School for an artful afternoon. We also extended our invitation to our TMJC students to be live audience members for the Opening Lecture and the Student-Panel Discussion. 

The topic for this year’s webinar was 
‘Arts and the Environment’.  As Singapore looks toward fulfilling its Green Plan, we believe it is pertinent for students to gain awareness and investigate the role of the Arts and Art-making in engaging with environmental issues.

Ms Siti Rafidah delivered the Opening Lecture, ‘Making Space: The Role of the Arts in Singapore’s Landscape’, followed by two concurrent Workshops; ‘Exploring Spatial Relationships with our Environment(s)’ prepared and presented by Mr Choy Wai Wan (TSD) and ‘Challenging Commercialised Contemporary Society: Creating Playful Artworks’ prepared by Mr Edmund Heng (Art). The programme concluded with a Panel Discussion on ‘How Do the Arts Affect the Environment?’, moderated by Mr Khairulnizam (TSD), together with four student-panelists:

Keegan Goh (Art) 21S212

Lim Ryi, Erin (TSD) 20A301

Mariyya Binte Abdul Rashid (TSD) 20A301

Tan Kai Rui (Art) 21S212


General Paper Day - ‘View from the Pop!’

TMJC’s General Paper (GP) Day was held on Friday, 7 May, with the theme ‘View from the Pop!’. The 3-part series of activities that began in late April aimed to foster an appreciation of the wide-ranging impact that pop culture has on our daily lives and to examine pop culture through the lens of GP.

Part 1 involved a CG Meme Competition where CGs were tasked to create memes featuring pop culture trends. The Top 5 winning entries were posted on the GP Department’s Instagram page.

Part 2 featured documentary screenings that helped students better understand the social, political and economic impact of the Disney Princess Trope and the K-wave phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.

The series of activities ended on a high with Part 3. Students chose and enthusiastically participated in 1 of the 5 in-house talks specially designed by our very own TMJC teachers. To cultivate student interest in local, regional and global issues that impact their lives, the topics on offer explored trending issues close to the hearts of young people. This included the rise of social media influencers and ‘woke’ culture.


Student Development Trainings

“When leaders are doing their best, they Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.” – Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, authors of The Leadership Challenge.

In TMJC, our student leaders are well supported in their leadership journey. Many platforms and opportunities are provided for our student leaders to reflect on their experiences, celebrate their successes and be better together. Both the Student Council Camp and  CG Leaders’ Training were held on 9 and 10 April 2021 to give our newly elected Student Councillors, Civics Group Chairpersons and Peer Support Leaders an opportunity to build camaraderie and learn from the experiences of their seniors.

Even as they mature in their leadership roles, they can look forward to deepening their learning and reflection. For instance, this year’s Student Leaders’ Congress held on 5 February 2021 was a timely opportunity for the JC2 leaders to reflect on the 5 Leadership Practices and seek advice from their alumni to prepare for the challenges ahead. With the strong friendships forged, wise words from their seniors and guidance from their alumni and teachers, we are confident that our student leaders will give their utmost best as they lead their peers. 


Mother's Day 2021

On 7 May 2021, to honour the heart work that our staff has devoted to the students of TMJC,  our Principal, Ms Yoong, got together our Student Councillors, CG Chairpersons and Peer Support Leaders to present carnations that signify a mother’s love, and present mini cheesecakes for all staff.

Thank you to our Staff Welfare Committee and Student Leadership Committee for coordinating and executing this. We are grateful for all the mummies & daddies of TMJC!


College Day

On 30 April, we celebrated the efforts and achievements of the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020. To quote our Principal, Ms Yoong, “there is a saying: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But I say, in order to make the lemonade, you will need more than just lemons. You need sugar, you need water and better still, some ice, and of course a nice tall glass container to make that delightfully delicious glass of lemonade, most palatable.” As a result, College Day this year was a lemonade celebration conducted in two separate College Day ceremonies with the entire College Day online for viewing and all awardees physically present to be recognised while adhering to safe management measures. Pre-recorded performances by Performing Arts Co-Curricular Activities were also showcased during the ceremonies. College Day 2021 was made even more memorable with the first batch of awardees who managed to accumulate all three Academic medals - the Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals, as a result of consistently performing among the top 10% of their cohort, receiving theirs in a special box.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to welcome the awardees back home during these uncertain times as we recall the resilience and courage they showed in embracing the challenges posed by COVID-19 during their time in the College. It was heartening to recognise and witness the achievements of the recipients on this day and be able to catch up with them.

We sincerely wish the awardees all the very best in their future endeavours and well done to all awardees - we are proud of you & we look forward to having you back as alumni being involved in various College activities!


Mathematics Awareness Fortnight (MAF)

TMJC’s Mathematics Awareness Fortnight (MAF) was held from 12 April – 23 April 2021. The MAF encourages students to develop a spirit of inquiry beyond the curriculum, discover and appreciate the beauty of Mathematics in different areas of our lives and experience the joy of learning Mathematics. The theme for this year is “To InfiniTuM and Beyond!”. Student volunteers were empowered and mentored by Mathematics Subject Tutors to come up with interesting and fun activities for their peers.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MAF was conducted via Google Classroom and students participated, as a class, in a plethora of daily quests ranging from challenging Math problems to fun puzzles such as Tower of Hanoi and Sudoku. To make the learning even more meaningful, each letter in the word InfiniTuM represents a value or quality students need to demonstrate in order to complete the daily quests.

The highlight of the MAF was the MAF Electives, conducted during one of the Math lectures by TMJC Math teachers. During the MAF Electives, students were exposed to topics and applications of Math outside the curriculum such as Fun with Ciphers (Cryptography), Shortest Paths and Optimization (Graph Theory) as well as Math and Monopoly.


International Friendship Day x EU @ Your School 2021

From 19 – 23 April, TMJC commemorated International Friendship Day to imbue in students an appreciation for diversity and cross-cultural awareness. The theme was ‘Singapore in the World’ and the commemoration focused on deepening students’ understanding of ASEAN, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Our international students created a series of engaging multimedia presentations that featured the unique sights, sounds and stories of Southeast Asia. To increase their cultural sensitivity, students also participated in culturally significant games and pastimes such as shadow puppetry during their Character & Citizenship lessons.

The commemoration came to a close with a visit from distinguished representatives of the Royal Danish Embassy. Students had the invaluable opportunity to hear from the Danish Ambassador to Singapore, Ms Sandra Jensen Landi. Her visit is part of the “EU @ Your School Project” that seeks to broaden global perspectives through an introduction to the rich and diverse cultures of Europe. Students learnt about the EU and many interesting aspects of Danish culture. Our newly minted Citizenship Education Ambassadors also engaged her in dialogue on contemporary issues that impact Denmark, ASEAN and the World. The College would like to thank Ambassador Landi and Deputy Head of Mission Mrs Birgit Dohmann Chang for taking time off their busy schedules to grace us with their presence.


Mother Tongue Languages’ Fortnight 2021

This year’s Mother Tongue Languages’ (MTL) Fortnight was held from 5 to 19 April, with the theme, “Embrace our Ethnicity”.  The three  Language Units in the MTL Department held an array of enrichment activities to immerse our students culturally.

Common enrichment activities, such as class and online quizzes on language and cultural knowledge, a special book display in the library, broadcast of ethnic songs before Morning Assemblies, and sharing of inspirational quotes during Morning Assemblies were carried out.

The highlight organised by the  Chinese Language (CL) Unit was the talk given by our local director, Royston Tan. During the talk which focussed on the theme “Taste. Memories”, Royston shared from his experience as a director, the meaning of different food to him as he was growing up.  At the end of the talk, each student was presented with an “ang ku kueh”, a traditional Chinese delicacy. Its significance can also be understood on a deeper level, as the character “ku” in the Hokkien dialect connotes a long-lasting relationship which we hope our students may forge with their cultural heritage. The Unit also organised song dedications at our Multi-Purpose Hall for students to dedicate Chinese songs to their peers and teachers during the afternoons.

For the Malay Language Unit, the highlight was “Rapsodi Puisi” (Poetry Rhapsody), where students presented selected Malay poems artistically through various performance modes such as acting, singing, and dancing.  They displayed a high level of enthusiasm as they explored many creative ways to reimagine their poems artistically. Apart from that, the H2 Malay Language & Literature students also displayed their linguistic flair by recreating catchy lyrics of a popular Malay song in the “Change the Lyrics” competition.

Last but not least, t
he Tamil Language (TL) Unit organised a traditional arts workshop introducing various Indian traditional dances and music. The Tamil students also undertook a Values-In-Action project to design colourful posters and pen down greetings in the Tamil language for our migrant worker friends to commemorate the Tamil New Year which was observed during the MTL Fortnight. In collaboration with the VIA committee, the posters were sent out together with care packs to the dormitories. A bilingual traveling exhibition by the Indian Heritage Centre about traditional Indian games and crafts was also put up at the Atrium for all students to enrich their cultural knowledge.

All in all, the students had an enriching learning experience this year during the MTL Fortn
ight, truly embracing their ethnicity in different forms! 


Bringing Smiles to our Tamil Migrant Workers Community

With the mindfulness that our Tamil migrant workers had to spend Tamil New Year (Puthaandu) Celebrations away from home due to the ongoing safe management considerations in the dormitories, our JC1 Tamil students decided to reach out to them to spread some festive cheer.

Hence, in conjunction with the Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities, our JC1 Tamil students planned a Values-In-Action project. Our students packed 530 Care Packs that consisted of daily essentials such as toiletries and detergents, and heartwarming messages of gratitude in their Mother Tongue Language. These Care Packs were sent on 14 April 2021, the day of Tamil New Year, with the help of Migrant Workers Centre, an organisation that looks into the welfare of migrant workers in Singapore.

We are glad that these efforts by our J1 Tamil students brought some smiles to our Tamil migrant workers!


Release of Project Work Results

Today, the JC2 students of TMJC received their Project Work results. The College is proud of them for having done very well in spite of the challenges and restrictions due to the pandemic last year.

The Principal, Ms Yoong, reminded the students to show gratitude and remember those who have walked alongside them in their journey. In her words, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Indeed, with our ‘hearts and minds inspired’, let us press on as a cohort for the A Level Examination!


Commendable Act by TMJC Students

On 5 April, Monday, Lee Long Sum, Ethan (21S206) happened to witness an elderly man fall down a staircase at Pasir Ris West Plaza. He rushed over to the man’s assistance, who had started bleeding from a cut on the head and his knee. Together with a passer-by, they helped the man up and Ethan then called the ambulance immediately. Yun Yourong, Lucius (21S201), who was then looking for Ethan, saw the situation and went over to assist. Lucius made efforts to converse with the elderly man, so as to help reassure him and to keep him conscious. When time passed and the ambulance had not arrived after about 20 minutes, Ethan was able to contact the driver, and assisted to provide specific directions for the medical personnel to where they were. Before the elderly man went away with the ambulance, he expressed his gratitude to both Lucius and Ethan.

Two of TMJC’s College Values are ‘Courage’ and ‘Compassion’. We are therefore extremely proud that two of our students have embodied these values and chose to step up to proffer help. Well done, Lucius & Ethan!


Achievements at the 32nd Singapore Chemistry Olympiad

On 28 October and 18 November 2020, fifteen JC1 students represented the College at the 32nd Singapore Chemistry Olympiad.

They are: 


We are proud to share that Koo Wei Jie (20S202) and Pang Yu Jing (20S305) were awarded a Bronze medal, while Koh Liang Han (20S204) received a Certificate of Merit.

Well done to all our students who gave their best! 


Post-Budget Youth Dialogue

On 27 March 2021, 13 of our JC2 students from our Talent Development Programme participated in a Post Budget Youth Dialogue with Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State (MOS) in the Ministry for Home Affairs and the Ministry for Sustainability and the Environment.

During the Dialogue, students were engaged in critical discussions on how Budget 2021 will make an impact on businesses and families, as well as ensuring Singapore's sustainability and growth.

The facilitated session was an eye-opening and meaningful experience for our students as they were able to share their aspirations and concerns about Singapore's sustainable future.

Names of Participants:

 TEO WEI YANG, DEREK        20S203


updated on  6 July 2021